Beyond Academics

Beyond Academics

A student's life without competition is unimaginable, they have to think beyond academics and have to accept new future challenges. We, at Gyan Einstein School, train their minds from the initial stage that they should opt for their career path from the initial stage.

Every student has a dream to become a successful person in his life. Without proper guidance one can not achieve future goals. There are plenty of opportunities available for them and we help them to set a goal and work hard to achieve it. We provide career guidance and counseling guidance in various fields.

Engineering Entrance Exam

Most of the universities conduct their own entrance exams to enroll engineering aspirants. Gyan Einstein provides them with proper guidance and support to crack these exams and achieve their future goals. Mr. R.N Semwal (Ex Chairman Of Alpha Beta Gamma), a well known name in the field of competitive exam preparation, teaches them to crack those entrance exams.

JEE Prelims

This is a well known exam to enter in the institutions such as IIT, NIT and other regional colleges. We have our own methodology and curriculum to help the students who want to make a career in the field of engineering. After school academic classes we run regular classes for class IX students, this will help them to prepare for their board exams as well as JEE Prelims. We have different experienced and well qualified teachers. They provide classes as per the latest syllabus of JEE Prelims and make their foundation strong. We have assignments and doubt session classes which will improve the class performance of the students.


Every student is unique and has different interests. We should analyze the preferences and guide all the students for a better career. Most of the students show interest in the field of medicine and want to become a doctor or medical practitioner. Here we run regular classes for them after school academics.

NDA, Defense Exams

Uttarakhand is well known for its valuable contribution in the field of defense. We train students to make a career in the field of defense. We trained them physically as well as mentally to take on defense challenges. We have a sports teacher and a big playground. Students practice under the guidance of the coach daily. For the entrance test we have a class room program, students prepare for the entrance test for NDA and other defense exams.


It becomes essential for us to create a benchmark in the field of education. To know the level of education we conduct regular olympiad exams in the school. Here, parents show keen interest in promoting their children to participate in such competitive exams. Our students take these exams as a challenge and prepare under the guidance of expert teachers.The study material for the olympiad exams is easily available for the students in the school library.Teachers also conduct regular special classes for clarifying the doubts of the students.